This year, we formed “Program Committee” participating technical experts from various organizations. Anyone who likes to present Tutorial sessions and presentation sessions, shall submit paper to Program Committee. Program Committee shall select the best Tutorials and Presentations.
Paper submission is opened now. Please go to paper submission page.

Thein Myint Khine

Peering Network Design

Peering with an IXP seems to be very simple. But, it can impact traffic if networks is not designed systematically. This presentation aim for all existing IX member and tentative Network operators who shall connect an IXP soon. They should prepare and re-design their network to be proper and ready to connect an IXP.

Network protocols attacks and countermeasure

Nowadays, many people in the networking field don't aware of network protocol vulnerabilities. Most of the people in security realm concentrate on the web and mobile application security. My presentation will cover why these protocols vulnerabilities exist, what is the actual vulnerable point, how can we exploit these vulnerabilities and what is the countermeasure/mitigation of these vulnerabilities.

Thu Ra
Manager - IT Security
Amara Communications