Thanks to the Attendees, Sponsors and Participants.

Here is our statistic.


Total Registrants to Attendees 221
Total Attendees on site 160
Workshop Attendees 33
Tutorials Attendees 63
NOG Forum Attendees 108
IX Forum Attendees 96
Other Participants 20
Estimated Total Participants 180

Attendees by Organizational Categories

Workshop Tutorial NOG IX
Network Operator/ISP/IXP 25 37 51 45
School/University/Institute 1 14 24 25
Solution Provider 2 8 9 10
Data Center Service 2 0 4 4
Equipment Vendor 0 2 3 1
Government Organization 2 1 1 1
Enterprise/Bank 0 2 1 0
Content Provider 0 0 1 1
Others 3 3 20 15

Panel Discussions’ Remark:

“Content Filtering”

  • not recommending enforce to Network Operators for filtering as per complication and not very effective but impact network performance.
  • but recommending filter as a service or add-on feature by Network Operators for the end users.
  • Educating to public shall be more effective to avoid child abuse.
    Watch here for details

“Content for IXP”

  • Should keep CDN as they are key content for IXPs, especially for developed countries.
  • CDN Contents are domestic as those are uploaded and watched by local peoples.
  • For more local content at IXP, need most Network Operators join IX.
  • International Content providers and cloud provider should join IX. So, locally accessible.
    Watch here for details

Follow up Actions

Forming ISOC Chapter Myanmar. There shall be activities of ISOC Chapter Myanmar in next event.
Forming MMREN (Myanmar Research & Education Network) and participate together in next event.

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