This year, we formed “Program Committee” participating technical experts from various organizations. Anyone who likes to present Tutorial sessions and presentation sessions, shall submit paper to Program Committee. Program Committee shall select the best Tutorials and Presentations. Paper submission is opened now. Please go to paper submission page.

Md. Abdul Awal
Network Engineer
Mozilla NSRC Fellow

The Impact of an RPKI validator in Bangladesh

Recently, the National Data Center in Bangladesh started RPKI ROA validation and that was the first of such actions there. This had a great impact in the network operators and their community. The announcement helped to uprise the ROA of the country. This presentation has some lesson learned from that event.
This could be very helpful to MMNOG community to correlate their situation and encourage their operators to get a boost in their RPKI deployment. The author is open to have feedbacks and would like to accommodate according to the advise of the Program Committee.

Understanding Bug Bounty Programs and How Does it Benefit Organizations

The Cybersecurity Researchers popularly known as White Hat Hackers or the ethical hackers, who find and report vulnerabilities in IT /Internet based systems have become a significant role player in today’s day to day life.
Although the energies and the unconventional skill of these Security Researchers help raise the IT / internet security systems, their participation needs to be carefully monitored and managed to achieve the desired results. Carefully thought out Bug Bounty Programs are paramount importance to rollout this goal. Therefore, a bug bounty is a reward paid to hackers who have found and reported a weakness or vulnerability within an organization’s system(s). This reward may be a cash or in-kind reward or recognition of another kind.
It is very important to pay a significant attention that Hackers who report these vulnerabilities to organizations are never to be considered as cybercriminals, but collaborative members of an organization’s security system.

Pasan Rawana Lamahewa
Cyber Security Anylst
Hackerone, BugCrowd

Greg Chen
Marketing Director
Asia Pacific Uptime Institute

Data Center Outages and the Cost of Downtime

Uptime Institute research data reveals that downtime is common and may be increasing, despite many advances. Complexity and third parties has made life more difficult for management.
This presentation will provide sharing data on causes of data center outages and as a result cost of downtime.

Peering Network Design

Peering with an IXP seems to be very simple. But, it can impact traffic if networks is not designed systematically. This presentation aim for all existing IX member and tentative Network operators who shall connect an IXP soon. They should prepare and re-design their network to be proper and ready to connect an IXP.

Thein Myint Khine

Mr. Min Thein Htet
Executive Engineer
Yatanarpon Teleport Public Company Limited